TDCJ Officers Can Now Join CLEAT, Texas Largest Law Enforcement Union

CLEAT is the largest officers’ union in Texas, the largest legal services provider in the state specializing in representing officers, and the largest confederation of officers’ associations in Texas. Through our affiliation with CLEAT we are the state’s most powerful advocate for the rights of TDCJ criminal justice professionals. We provide a broad range of benefits, including:

• Effective legal representation with on staff attorneys. Unlike other unions, we have CLEAT attorneys on staff to assist our members.

Not only do we fight hard for our members, but we pay 100% of the costs associated with representing a member during internal investigations and disciplinary appeals. We also pay 100% of the costs associated with defending a member against criminal charges that resulted from the member’s performance of official duties. In addition, we pursue affirmative litigation to enforce the provisions of local and/or state law when the public employer fails to comply with those laws.

• Political Action.

We provide expert political assistance to members in preparing for and winning pay raises and protecting benefits. CLEAT full-time lobbyists give thousands of law enforcement officers the strongest possible voice in Austin. As the largest and most powerful law enforcement union in Texas, you will have a voice at our state’s Capitol.

• Field Services.

Regional representation by our full-time labor relations staff assists members on a wide variety of labor-related issues ranging from EEOC complaints, grievances, and other labor complaints.

Beyond these major areas, CLEAT provides a range of additional benefits, including:

• $15,000 line of duty death benefit

• Support for public recognition of the contributions made by all law enforcement officers through the Texas Peace Officers Memorial Foundation (POMF)

• Preferred Providers Business relationships

• College scholarships provided through POMF.

• Family assistance for families of officers killed in the line of duty.

• CLEAT offers free-of-charge will preparation for our members, including a power of attorney and medical directive. This service is available through CLEAT’S online portal.

CLEAT Legal Guarantee – CLEAT guarantees that an attorney will respond to a member’s critical incident within 2 hours when reported on the 24 hour emergency phone number, 800-752- 5328 , or CLEAT will pay the member $1,000. And we guarantee immediate contact with attorney when involved in a critical incident. Your case will not have to be pre-cleared with anyone before you speak to the on call attorney. The member calling the critical incident emergency phone number, 800-752-5328 , will speak with an attorney after the call is initially answered or the member receives $1,000 .

• CLEAT is the only statewide organization that offers a Temporary Income Protection Plan. The plan pays a member $100 per day, not to exceed five days in a calendar year, for those suspensions that members choose not to appeal.

• Members have access to free on-line training that is TCOLE approved through Other training available and posted on the CLEAT Training Schedule on the website, .

• Membership means access to benefits and protection to you and your family. At only $38 per month, this is the most powerful protection you can find in Texas. JOIN NOW.